Good Woman: Cara Jackson

How do I possibly sum up what this woman means to me in a couple of paragraphs? For our final Good Woman feature, I am honored to introduce you to my business manager and dear friend Cara Jackson. Cara has tirelessly worked with me behind-the-scenes here at Goodwin since its inception, jumping right in to help me craft the business plan. She is the yin to my yang. Her intellect, experience and powerful clarity has brought my dreams and visions into sharper focus. I always joke that I’d be in a ditch on the side of the road without her, but I definitely believe that’s true (and know that she secretly does too, haha). Cara has been by my side through all of the ups and downs of small business, and has continually filled in the gaps for me in so many areas. She keeps me grounded, logical and always finds a rational approach to my creative work.

Not only does she do this for me, but for several other incredible small businesses. She is a strong, inspiring boss lady who I have been so fortunate to work with over the last few years. The time has come for me to begin a new adventure, but I will forever hold this chapter in a special place in my heart. And as Cara would say… “now we can just be friends!”

Click through for an interview with Cara Jackson. Special thanks to our dear friend Chelsea O’Leary for capturing these memories on camera.


Read the interview here.





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