Welcome, Grace

We are so excited that team Goodwin is growing, and it is with great joy that we introduce Grace - our spring intern! Grace is a student with a keen eye for photography and design. We adore her print shop and illustration work. She is helping us with social media, creative content, marketing, order fulfillment and beyond. Say hello to Grace, follow her Instagram and get to know a bit more about her below!

Favorite Nashville coffee shop: Crema, without a doubt! I currently don't have the time to sit and hang out there as much as I like, but it's a great place to be. Their Cuban is a long time favorite of mine.

Favorite place to escape on the weekends: I don't go out of town that often to 'escape' per se, but I absolutely look forward to the Nashville flea market that happens one weekend a month. I think that's a sort of an escape for me.

Current read: I've just started "The Emerald Light in the Air" by Donald Antrium. I'm only pages in, but from what I've read about it, I'm expecting to really love all the stories inside. And it has a pretty cover design, which is always a fun bonus I think, when buying and reading a book.

Favorite city traveled to: Vienna, Austria! I studied abroad there my sophomore year of college, and after 3 months in the city, I grew to love it so much. Their public transportation, food, celebration of the arts and beautiful coffee shops and cafes made for an enjoyable few months. 
Currently listening: A local band called Biyo.

Currently dreaming about: My new home! I'm graduating in May and my roommate and I are on the search for where we'll be living. Dreaming about what we'll cook in our new space, how we'll decorate, and the possibility of getting a cat.

Current inspiration image: It's so hard to choose just one! What inspires me probably changes every day - if not every hour! But I came across this image the other day while scrolling through Pinterest. The photographer's name is Emma Tempest. I really love the image, the warmer tones and the movement of the subject make it visually interesting. It also reminded me of summer, something I'm very much looking forward to, so that is probably partially why I was drawn to it.

Favorite Goodwin piece: The Arthur Jacket! Though what I'll consider my favorite piece might change as new pieces continue to roll out. I really love the unique rounded corners on the pockets and that it is made locally here in Nashville.

Grace wears our exclusive Raw Denim Crop Top by The General Public.




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