Zach + Lex

Zachary Gray is our resident photographer here at Goodwin, and someone our owner Elise has had the pleasure of calling a friend for about six years now. His projects stretch far beyond our walls here, as he works shooting bands, artists, interiors, fashion and beyond. His girlfriend Lex has also become a dear friend (and Goodwin model!), and is currently in law school—though we love listening to her serenade us on Instagram and know she's going to be a superstar. Mark our words, these two are going big places and we can't wait to follow along for the ride.

We gave them a disposable camera and asked them to shoot a typical weekend, ask each other a few questions and share their Goodwin picks below.

Where did you meet?


Z: We met on Tinder. Thank you social media.

If your partner was a song, what would it be?

Z: When we first met, Lex introduced me to lots of music. She always sang “Let Me Roll It” by Paul McCartney in the car. It’s simple, but it echoed my I-have-strong-feelings-but-must-play-it-cool mood. “I can’t tell you how I feel, my heart is like a wheel. Let me roll it. Let me roll it to you.”

L:  “California” by Joni.

Who is the better dancer?

L: Z's got some fancy footwork but I’ll take the cake on this one.

Z: Lex is slightly better. Only because I get free performances at home.

What is one quality in your partner that you wish you had?

L: His serenity; the man's cool never leaves him. Also, his melanin.

Z: I wish I had her fearlessness. She’ll dive right into any task (and complete it very quickly and thoroughly). I have to think about things first. Our cat, Lisa, also possesses this quality.

Describe your perfect day.

Z: My favorite day includes a slow morning, sunshine and having no work to do. Those things, plus a day full of new experiences in a new city with a good view of the sunset, sound pretty nice.

L: We’d wake up around 11am on an 90° sunny day in Playa Hermosa—wearing nothing but a swimsuit. We’d sip on a coconut beverage of sorts and eat a ripe purple mango that has been cut into the shape of a lotus flower, sitting at a palm frond tiki bar; bachata music is playing from the fictional speakers. On our walk down to the ocean, we’d high-five some locals and continue to practice surfing in the 80° water. The perfect night cap looks like a thin, sparkly sheer ensemble, shiny and red skin, drinking some Vino de Coyol, merenge y salsa (this is what heaven feels like) and skinny dipping in the Caribbean.