Good Woman: Ivy Elrod

If you can’t already tell, this woman has a smile that is contagious. I am so happy to kick off the Good Woman campaign with an interview with Ivy Elrod—artist, supermom, former Rockette and shop owner at Wilder and the new Wilder Études. Check out both stores next time you are in Nashville, or explore their incredible curations online here.

Every other month, we will share the story of a Good Woman in our community. Ivy is a close personal friend of mine, and it was so much fun to capture her in her element with the extraordinary Chelsea O’Leary behind the camera. Ivy has a gigantic heart and is one of the smartest women I know. Somehow she makes doing it all look so effortless and graceful! I can’t wait to connect with more good women in this series to come. Thanks for joining along for the journey, and may we continue to uplift, support and inspire each other, together.


What is a good woman to you?

She is living—or striving to live—her most authentic, balanced self. For some of us, that's a tall order.
As a mother, my greatest hope is for my kids to navigate this world with a firm internal sense of who they are, what's important to them—and to minimize the number of coping mechanisms they are forced to develop.
I have found that many of the characteristics that I confront in myself, that I push up against, or feel I need to change—well I have found that these qualities have actually arisen as coping mechanisms, compensating for qualities I didn't feel safe to express as a kid. So even characteristics that may be objectively valued in our society—ambition, for example, or tenaciousness—these can be great qualities—but if they arose out of a need to cover something else up—say, grave emotional sensitivity, or low self esteem—well that's not so great.
So much of what I am drawn to in people, and most certainly in women—is a sense that they have thoroughly examined themselves, looked at many of the underpinnings of their motivations and personalities—and that they've come to a place where they really know, and really like, themselves.

What qualities do you find good about yourself?

Insatiable curiosity. Playful attitude. Sharp wit. Long feet. Good for landing.

You were the girl most likely to do what when you were young?

Oh boy—this is an emotional question for me. If I were to speculate? It would of course depend entirely on who you were asking.
My dad? Perform. My little sister? Lead a rebellion. Jessica Rice in second grade? Steal your Xena doll, hide it, but make it look like Margot did it.
If I had been the one answering? The girl most likely to escape.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

My two year old recently came up to me and said, "Listen, sometimes people say 'bullshit' when they're walking." She is correct. People are me. This moment was a testament to the fact that:
A. I frequently preface anything important with "Listen."
B. It is not uncommon for me to pace around muttering bad words when trying to solve a problem.
C. I should watch my language more, my daughter is listening.

Where are you the happiest?

In the middle of the bed with my kids, my husband, our animals and our ideas.

What is the best risk you've ever taken?

His name is Josh, we've been married 6 years now. He's extremely crazy and we laugh a lot.

What would you do if you had more hours in the day?

I would be dancing, making dances, watching dances.

What are you going to do next? Do you feel like you're doing what you were meant to do?

I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be—it's thrilling to be a small business owner; also, it's terrifying, it's exhausting, it presents challenges to my spiritual serenity that I've never before encountered.
The next edit for Wilder Études (we present an edit around a theme at this space, which will change quarterly) is PRESENCE—we are incorporating performance into this edit, which is somewhat new for Wilder, and totally exciting for me personally. Every day feels like an opportunity to discover some new layer to what we're slowly building. I can't ask for more.

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Please note that Ivy is wearing an early prototype of the shirt, so the fit and color will vary slightly from these images.